March 14th, 2010

Batty - Goggular

You know, this blog pretty much isn't used anymore.

It's been superseded.

In fact, it's been superseded by four different blogs.

Twitter has probably (and really, I'm not the only one) stolen any thunder that LiveJournal may have had. You can find pretty much everything here. The "featured song" item I used to do on this LJ also appears on my Twitter feed now, mirrored at

The Shaun Hargreaves Info has taken away all the serious blogging matters. All those entries about politics, love, relationships? They're all now on here.

Grey's Anatomy is home to all the "web drifter" content; aka the memes, the interesting or funny pictures, videos and the like. It's updated often - usually every few hours to every day - and is bound to show up something interesting.

And finally, The Diary of a Fatbat replaces nothing in particular. It's a recently started blog that pretty much tries to chronicle my every day life through the eyes of my fursona. It contains plenty of fetish content, be warned, although it doesn't contain anything explicitly sexual.

So there you go. Stop following this blog, and follow those four instead.