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The political alignment of many daily British newspapers, in comparison to their quality

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I dunno, something for shits and giggles.

In the case of measuring quality: Tabloid equals bad; anything else is good.

Newspaper Format Political alignment Readership
Daily Express Tabloid Right 728,000
Daily Mail Tabloid Centre-right 2,200,000
Daily Mirror Tabloid Centre-left -
Daily Star Tabloid Right 769,000
Daily Telegraph Broadsheet Centre-right 843,000
The Guardian Berliner Centre-left 336,000
The Independent Compact Centre-left 216,000
The Times Compact Centre-right 618,000
The Sun Tabloid Populist (currently centre-right) 7,900,000

From this we can deduce the following:

  • There’s only one right/centre-right wing newspaper that isn’t a crap load of shit (the Telegraph);
  • Right/centre-right papers tend to have less moderate, more extreme views;
  • The best (and most expensive) papers – The Guardian and The Independent – are the ones that people don’t read;

This survey is not at all statistical or serious in the slightest. Enjoy!

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