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It’s got a name, and it’s been three years in the making

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After messing about with the idea of calling it Ess (after looking into phonetic misspellings of regular words), Mazaruni (after the name I call… well, everything that doesn’t have a name), and then temporarily settling on Firebrand (which is just Wiktionary’s word of the day); I have finally found a name that is all but simple, marketable, searchable and normal.

I call it Confer.


Confer, which means to discuss, and in more olden English to collect and bring together, was a name I had for a social networking project oooh, close to three years ago. And while I did start on said project, it never reached fruition and faded into memory.

Unfortunately my memory doesn’t serve me too well, so it took close enough to an hour or so of name brainstorming for it to actually come to me, and I’m happy it did! I’ve gotten a name I like, and a little blast from the past to go with it. I’m a little unsure of the logo, but it’s a work in progress, so I’ll leave it be.

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